dijous, 8 de maig de 2014


Last Tuesday, our 4th graders from Primary Education “Padrins lectors” were assembled with I-5 students to perform a joint task in English. Once they were together, a picture of the spring was delivered to the students, who were grouped in pairs (a 4th grader and a young child).
The objective of this first activity was to make children of 4th grade of Primary ask questions about the picture to I-5 children. They did it constantly by maintaining an English conversation during the whole time. If any I-5 children didn’t understand their questions, 4th graders had to find the easiest way to make them catch the message (giving examples, pointing, gesturing…).
Once it was done, a more challenging task was performed. The picture of the spring was removed and, in its place, a blank was given to them to be filled in with a drawing. In this case, young students were supposed to draw the same picture they worked on according to 4th graders instructions.

The final results were very successful. Both, 4th graders from Primary and I-5 students, used English most of the time and showed interest in this peer to peer activity. They all had lots of fun!!!
Us animem a comentar aquesta notícia, i recorda que totes les fotografies de l'activitat ja són a la plataforma clickedu de l'escola.

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Salvador Sicart Casain ha dit...

Em sembla una iniciativa molt bona per part de l'Escola. Moltes gràcies!

Salvador Sicart Casain ha dit...

Em sembla una excel.lent iniciativa per part de l'Escola. Moltes gràcies!