dimecres, 14 de maig de 2014


On May 13th, our 6th graders went for a walk around the city centre. The actitity was about Sabadell in the 19th century, so, we were shown and told lots of things related to daily life in those days: how people lived, where they worked, how big the city was, when the first train station was built… But, the interesting thing of this meeting was that every single explanation was in English, and, even, if children had any question or doubt, they had to ask the guide by using English as well. So, we succeeded and we had a really interesting morning when discovering Vapor Buxeda factory, imagining the railway arriving to Sabadell to provide the factories some coal or when thinking about peolple bussinesses in the former shops in Carrer Indústria. However, it rained a little bit in the early morning, but water couldn’t stop us!!!
Us animem a comentar aquesta notícia, i recorda que totes les fotografies de l'activitat ja són a la plataforma clickedu de l'escola.